Rode my bicycle over to South Park to have lunch at American Grilled Cheese Kitchen with some dear friends today. It may be girlish, but a good grilled cheese sandwich puts me the greatest of moods.

When I was younger, my Mum would slice cheddar on to bread and broil it in the oven. Dipped in ketchup, this marvelous concoction was dubbed “Cheese in the Oven” and was a favorite of my young cousins and I.

It was cold in San Francisco today, with low-lying fog that clung to the tops of renovated factories and a wind that caught me like a sail and brought me there out of breath. Seeing my friends, smelling the salty fat and fresh bread of lunch, and chowing down on perfectly crisp slices encasing earthy, melty goodness took away whatever stress was residing in my shoulders.

‘Twas a great noon hour excursion.