Some folks find strangers difficult, and language barriers something to avoid rather than embrace.

Traveling involves leaving your friends, your family, and venturing out to a world where people think, talk, walk, laugh, and live differently than you do. At TBEX, Robert Reid disputed the claim that observing and experiencing these differences is makes your travels special, and I agree with him. Travel isn’t about noticing the differences, but instead reveling in the similarities.

The little dude above doesn’t like me. ‘Till now, I thought that our different lots in life (mainly that I am a human, and he is a teeny dog in a huge world) were what defined our relationship. Only once I realized that a) we’re both terrified of loud noises and mean people and b) that’s we’re both fundamentally insecure, we were able to look at each other, womano y canine, and start anew.

That’s where the above shot came from.