Weather in the Bay Area is seeming to break, with the chilling, face-dampening fog breaking for an hour or so, allowing San Franciscans to emerge bleary-eyed and timid out into the great outdoors and get some sun on their skin.

I love this city, I do, and there are so many ways to explore and get lost – all of them some of the reasons why it sometimes feels like a traveler mecca. Fog is heavy, though, and sits on your day in a way that I’d never experienced before. Yes, the neutral light is perfect for certain types of photography, you never need to endure the slick, smelly interior of an NYC subway with no AC, and layering makes normal clothes somehow look stylish.

I’m kinda getting crazy though. I miss the sun, I miss warmth, I miss summer. So while we wait for SF’s amazing fall weather to hit, I found this photo I took when I first moved to San Francisco. It’s from January 2009, but contains the sky I wish I could see right now.