You’ve noticed I don’t post enough, and I’ve noticed that as well – no excuses, there’s just a reason why I am a Marketing Manager and not a prolific awesome content producing personality like some of my friends.


I did some thing crazy today. I paid an organization $130 just to guilt me into training 6 months and then running 26.2 miles AT ONCE. I know, it’s crazy. I know, it seems a bit counter intuitive to pay someone in order to inspire me to do something I probably should be doing anyways.

Well, NO MATTER. What’s done is done, and now I have months of training, eating, whining, running, blisters, and more eating ahead of me. And you, dear reader (which at this point I am assuming is my Mum [Ed. note: HI MUM!]) get to come along for the ride. If you’d like more running inspiration, you should check out Twenty Six and Then Some for more running / general awesomeness.