A friend caught that post I just wrote on dodging tourists, and said that it reminded him of a post he wrote last year about SF in the summer that has a similar vibe. I like it.

so what does this have to do with tourism? we like to make fun of those poor saps from St. Joseph, Missouri, or Munich, Germany, or Mumbai, India because they are freezing, swaddled in recently purchased and ridiculously up-marked “I ♥ SF” hoodies trying to cross the Golden Gate Bridge in gale force winds as we cruise toward Sonoma in our Mini Coopers: “haha!! suckers!” we exclaim, “and you thought it was gonna be hot here??? GUESS AGAIN, JERKS!”

let’s cut them a little slack, huh?

(emphasis mine) it’s too hot, it’s too cold… captures that mentality that the local can find themselves slipping into; a sense of entitlement and superiority because “we get it”. YAH, of course we get it, we freaking live here.

Check it out, already! 🙂