First full week into my new job, and I am taking this Saturday afternoon to get caught up on work and familiar with our game. I’m reading specs, testing out mechanics, crafting a story about joy and exploration and laughter.

Across from me, two people are breaking up. The food in front of them hasn’t been touched, and they are quiet. She tries to stay calm, but wipes tears from her eyes, while he drums his fingers on the table and stares out the window.

They speak in hushed tones and there’s an occasional outburst, but, for the most part, exhaustion has set on the table. The tone of the conversation vacillates between heated exclamation and tense silence.

Two tables away, three college buddies are recounting the week’s startup exploits. A Mum and Dad discuss taxes while a little boy in a soccer Jersey plays with a dinosaur. Polk street is busy with people laughing and hugging and walking by.

I’m trying not to stare, or cry.

I wish I wasn’t facing them, five feet away, and I am doing my best not to listen. I’ve had a public place breakup before and the only thing more heartbreaking than the end of a partnership was that I knew other people could hear me cry.

He just asked what they would do if he left. Sandwiches are still untouched. An uneasy eye contact leads to stony quiet.

Do me a favor – if you are with someone you love, hug them. Now. Appreciate them. Laugh, if it’s the right time.Be in the moment and be grateful they are there.