I’ve got lots to write about (Israel, Catalina, etc), but I wanted to write a quick note about a bus driver who made my weekend on Friday.

We all know I’m not the biggest fan of San Francisco public transit – heck, if the weather is nice enough I’d rather walk (or run) in to work than take a bus. On Friday, I had tickets to the Giants game, so I hopped on the 30 to get to the game, and hit absolutely terrible traffic.

Normally, a bus stuck in Union Square leads to some pretty tense commuters. This time, the driver kept calmly announcing the next stop, telling everyone we were almost there, joking about the standstill. At one point, she handed out candy and wished the bus a happy mother’s day.

When we finally got to the ballpark, she yelled GO GIANTS as everyone got off the bus. I told her she was the best driver in San Francisco, and I meant it. She laughed, and continued on her way – I’m pretty sure a driver that lovely is a figment of my manic imagination, but I am still so grateful for her for making that trip that much better.