From last night's mischief

Short update: had the pleasure of a girl’s evening out for a good friend’s Hen Night last night, and was reminded of all that SF has to offer in terms of food, entertainment, and general funtimes.

Despite the fact that the North Beach Festival had filled the neighborhood with sustenance-seekers on wobbly pops, we started the evening at Don Pisto’s for tacos, off to Barrique for a toast, then to Monroe for dancing. Only in San Francisco could we have gourmet Mexican street food, personally selected small vineyard Prosecco, and dancing in a mid-century-style Hollywood Gothic lounge, all within 5 blocks (and on strip club row! Lap dances for all!).

At the heart of it all was the company – I am blessed to have many good friends from college and beyond living in our fair city by the bay, and the opportunity to celebrate in my ‘hood was lovely. Evenings like last night remind me that even though we pay out the nose for a super small apartment with no bathtub, I would have it no other way right now.