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Don’t ya just feel like a dog in a cone?

I feel like I go through these periods of self-motivation and self-doubt, ups and downs that inspire me to ambitiously attempt to train for a marathon (didn’t complete), sign up for a stats class at Berkeley (got an A), or decide to give up gluten for tummy comfort reasons (it’s a daily struggle, given my love of bread). I remember the time when ambition didn’t come from willpower, but instead from lack of choices – there was no option other than to complete a pre-determined path. Now, not so easy to see the trail in the woods, and I often stray, lured by grand adventure or Game of Thrones.

The idea of “tricking” yourself into being awesome appeals to me, because, hey, that’s all I used to do in my previous  life. So why not now? Why can’t I get back into the younger mentality of speaking without fear of judgement, singing at coffee shops despite my lack of instrumental talent, or writing because dammit, it’s something I like to do?

Here we attempt a daily writing update a day, once again. Tried before, failed before, but willing to dust off and try again, because who cares? Really? Just me and my self-censoring late-20s ego. So to my Mum, and the three other people that read this thing: dust off your RSS feeds, because you’re about to get a daily dose of awesome.


The area around Union Square in San Francisco has been a sort of No Man’s Land to me, or at least was before we moved into our new offices there this week. Previously, I’d cross the threshold near the Gap, the cable cars, and the Ferrari theme store only to get off the 8X and hop on the Muni, or to bring in my broken MacBook to the Apple store, mewling like a stepped on cat because I couldn’t get my shift key to type.

Typically, my complicated relationship with this area of the city is as follows: I like to avoid it. Why, you may ask? Up until now, the only time I was able to go was after work and on weekends when everything is concentrated and magnified. Sidewalks are crowded with slow walkers (grrrr…. slow walkers….), sketchy folks nearly outnumber the wide-eyed out-of-towners, and high quality San Francisco restaurant fare hides between the reeds of chain restaurants, Walgreens, and stores containing purses worth more than my life insurance.

Problem is, Union Square contains some pockets of awesome: my wonderful dentist Dr. Serdar has an office overlooking the concrete park, high above the bustle with cleanings hastened by personal TVs playing 30 Rock reruns. I get my brows done (GIRL ALERT) at the Benefit brow bar, unless I can’t fathom the hour and a half long wait. The Burritt Room serves a kickass cocktail, and I really enjoy a zinfandel at Press Club, and Jasper’s Corner Tap Room has negronis on tap…

The jaded “local” (ooh, look at me, I’ve lived here three years, I know everything in this city so well) would rather turn her nose at the chain stores and crowds, but the pragmatist in me is excited to get to shop over lunch (hellloooooo Madewell, pleasure to make your acquaintance) and be able to pull together my errands without renting a Zipcar.

So as I walked in to work, as pricey designer shops send out their bouncers and a plump man in overalls hoses down the post-New Year remnants, I prepared myself for a new adventure – becoming familiar with an area I’ve always attempted to limit my time in.

I’m excited.

North Beach at twilight #ifreakinglovesanfrancisco

I was going to include some badass shot of the fog rolling in over North Beach, but I didn’t have one and I am way too comfy all bundled up at home, so this twilight shot of the church on Washington Square is just going to have to do.

My good friend Laura gives me a hard time about how often I mention I’m from Canada, and I have to admit it is a habit I’ve been trying consciously to combat – my effort of which you, oh fabulously loyal reader, are probably doubtful. I’ll probably go into my issues with Canadian identity in a later post, but suffice to say contains some inferiority complex, a cup of self-deprecating humor, and a dash of northern narcissism.

ANYHOO, the reason I mention this is as follows: tonight a)I’m so thankful to live in San Francisco and b) I’m even MORE thankful that I am Canadian. What, you ever-so-discerning reader may ask, links San Francisco to Canada in my mind? Well, other than nice people and government sponsored health care, I’ll tell you what…


There. I said it. Big secret’s out. I like it better when it’s cold. Hell, I wrote about the weather in SF less than a month ago, but the current heat wave across the US and comments on a Gawker post reminded me again. Instead of 110 degree heat, 500% humidity, 1000 fold increase in swamp-butt in NYC, I would much rather endure the fog rolling in across Russian Hill, delightfully chilling my apartment to a perfect sleeping temperature. Yea, sure, we just finished up months of gray hell (of which you can read of, oh illustrious reader, above) and most folks in SF would sell their left kidney for a modicum of a “real summer”, but I still thank my lucky stars that I don’t need an industrial air conditioner just to fall asleep at night.

Besides, I look kinda cute in sweaters and not-so-cute in sweat. It’s the Canadian in me.

First full week into my new job, and I am taking this Saturday afternoon to get caught up on work and familiar with our game. I’m reading specs, testing out mechanics, crafting a story about joy and exploration and laughter.

Across from me, two people are breaking up. The food in front of them hasn’t been touched, and they are quiet. She tries to stay calm, but wipes tears from her eyes, while he drums his fingers on the table and stares out the window.

They speak in hushed tones and there’s an occasional outburst, but, for the most part, exhaustion has set on the table. The tone of the conversation vacillates between heated exclamation and tense silence.

Two tables away, three college buddies are recounting the week’s startup exploits. A Mum and Dad discuss taxes while a little boy in a soccer Jersey plays with a dinosaur. Polk street is busy with people laughing and hugging and walking by.

I’m trying not to stare, or cry.

I wish I wasn’t facing them, five feet away, and I am doing my best not to listen. I’ve had a public place breakup before and the only thing more heartbreaking than the end of a partnership was that I knew other people could hear me cry.

He just asked what they would do if he left. Sandwiches are still untouched. An uneasy eye contact leads to stony quiet.

Do me a favor – if you are with someone you love, hug them. Now. Appreciate them. Laugh, if it’s the right time.Be in the moment and be grateful they are there.

Are you wearing / drinking green?

Hey! That’s me! ZOMG, I put my picture on this blog!

So I have news – after working in the travel industry for two years, I am hitting the dusty trail and embarking on new adventures, in another industry.

What does this mean? Well, first off – Hi. I’m Amy. This is my blog about being really super excited wherever you are.

I hadn’t put my name on this wee spot on the web visited by myself and my Mum due to a desire to separate work and life, but since I am moving out of travel, I thought it might be nice to finally own this thang.

For those who have asked, I do have a new adventure on the way and I will post about that soon. For those who haven’t, no worries, here’s a story about Basset Hounds running. Enjoy.

Had a couple o’ questions as to where I went – I’M STILL HERE. I know, I know, everyone and their cat has a blgo that lasts about a month, is read by their family and then quickly gets dropped to the wayside. OH NO, not this here blog. I shall return, full of vim and wheaties and ready to take the local travel world by storm – look it up, I promise there’s a “world” out there.

In the meantime, here’s a video of corgis playing in the snow – YOU’RE WELCOME

[Hat tip to the wonderful and awesome Michelle Collins over at]

See! Color! Wherever you go!

I started this blog because of the work that I do, and some of the feelings and observations that come as a result of it. Travel, and how people travel, how people plan, how people express adventure, occupies my mind every day and I love it.

Despite the common question I get often, however, I don’t get to travel as much as I would like. Work, commitments, financial issues, sheer exhaustion, amongst other things, prevent me from hopping on a plane and flying around the world. Some days, after reading about another friend or colleague’s trip, I wish I could throw caution to the wind and just leave; just getaway and forget everything around me.My desire for adventure, this lust for joy and wide-eyed excitement, prompted me to start this. Blogs may be SOOO early 2000s, but I’m going to use this as an excuse to travel wherever I am. Everything can be a trip of a lifetime – from a weekend out East for a wedding to a walk to the store.

Here are my adventures – enjoy.

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