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This past month, the awesome staff at Anchor Steam toured us around their San Francisco brewery so I could take photos for a Drink Me Magazine profile. Joe showed us around, showing us the facility from every angle (even the hop room! A room! FULL OF HOPS!) and letting me run amok with my camera. The brewery tour is reserved out months in advance, so I must admit I felt a great amount of glee as I dodged past the tour and went behind the scenes.

It was a super foggy San Francisco day, and the staff were kind and hospitable as we did our best to not get underfoot. Overall, a fascinating perspective on a San Francisco institution, and a perfect excuse to have the Christmas Ale at 10 AM.





Many thanks to Joe and his team for taking care of us.I’ll post some outtakes soon.


His coverage of price gouging in airports is spot on – if a meal at a restaurant less than 5 miles away from my terminal is 20% less, it makes me pretty ragey. Despite my best intentions by chugging a kleen kanteen dry before heading through security, and trying my darndest to smuggle in the best freakin’ turkey sandwich my kitchen can make, sometimes all I need is (almost) freshly fried calamari and an Anchor Steam. I don’t want to spend more than my ticket on Southwest on munchies.

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