Woke up without alarm. Padded into kitchen to peek in on overnight chicken broth simmering on the stove. Check on herbs by window: still alive (this is good). Look at fog, ponder clearing. Drink glass of water. Grab Newsweek with photo from Queen’s Coronation. Read entire article on Queen’s jubilee, as that’s what a good commonwealther should do. Ponder my own British heritage. Think about my Nana. Think about my Pappy. Remind self I need to call Pappy. Remind self I need to book flight to Calgary for 100th Stampede. Remind self to go for a run. Look outside, see fog, wonder if it will burn off. Hope it will burn off for run I remind myself to go on. Decide to strain soup, as Alice Waters told me that if it simmers for longer than five hours it won’t retain it’s “fresh”ness. Remember it’s been simmering for 10 hours. Decide to strain soup. Kick myself for not taking photos of the soup during preparation. Remind myself to start a food blog. Remind my self to post to THIS blog. Remind myself to run, dammit, I need to go on that run. Walk to kitchen, light stove for hot water for coffee. Grind coffee beans, remind self to pick up more coffee. Think of home. Think of work. Think of dinner. Look outside, see blue skies above Russian Hill. Get excited for run. Take kettle off stove, pour water into french press, set timer. Look outside, remind myself to run. Drink coffee, pick up computer, write. Get ready for run.