Don’t ya just feel like a dog in a cone?

I feel like I go through these periods of self-motivation and self-doubt, ups and downs that inspire me to ambitiously attempt to train for a marathon (didn’t complete), sign up for a stats class at Berkeley (got an A), or decide to give up gluten for tummy comfort reasons (it’s a daily struggle, given my love of bread). I remember the time when ambition didn’t come from willpower, but instead from lack of choices – there was no option other than to complete a pre-determined path. Now, not so easy to see the trail in the woods, and I often stray, lured by grand adventure or Game of Thrones.

The idea of “tricking” yourself into being awesome appeals to me, because, hey, that’s all I used to do in my previous  life. So why not now? Why can’t I get back into the younger mentality of speaking without fear of judgement, singing at coffee shops despite my lack of instrumental talent, or writing because dammit, it’s something I like to do?

Here we attempt a daily writing update a day, once again. Tried before, failed before, but willing to dust off and try again, because who cares? Really? Just me and my self-censoring late-20s ego. So to my Mum, and the three other people that read this thing: dust off your RSS feeds, because you’re about to get a daily dose of awesome.